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Kindergarten Test Study System (KTSS) provides optimal and trusted* preparation for the OLSAT®, CogAT®, Naglieri (NNAT®), TAG, and GATE tests, which are commonly administered to children for admission to gifted and talented programs.  KTSS also develops skills assessed by the WPPSI® and Stanford-Binet® assessments.      

Here's how KTSS works:

Step 1 

With Thinking Skills for Tests, children learn 9 critical thinking skills and apply them to a practice test format.  First, children learn basic skills (such as the process of elimination).  Next, they use their newly acquired skills to solve more complex problems. 

Thinking Skills for Tests consists of two books, one that contains materials for children, and one that's an adult's script.  The adult's script is based on research about test-taking and tells a parent exactly what to say to help a child learn and practice skills at an optimal level. 
  $24.98  click below for printable samples:
             sample from parent's script
             sample from child's workbook

KTSS materials are published by the Critical Thinking Company, which provides the #1 selling products for potentially gifted and talented children used by public and private gifted and talented programs.  Their products are recommended by Mensa, Learning, The Well Trained Mind, Dr. Toy, and Creative Child.

Thinking Skills for Tests- standardized practice test for the gifted and talented testing for kindergarten      child's book standardized practice test
Step 2 

Mind Benders®, which appears to be a simple series of charts, is actually an award-winning** deductive reasoning tool used for practice in the basic yet critically important reasoning that underlies all of testing.
  $9.99  click here for printable sample

             Mind Benders offers standardized test practice for the gifted and talented testing for kindergarten
Step 3 

Can You Find Me? helps children listen carefully to questions as they are read aloud, which is how tests are administered to young children.  This makes listening a key skill to practice.  Presented in an engaging, fun format, children receive specialized practice in listening carefully and thinking about concepts assessed in testing. 
click here for printable sample

            Can You Find Me?  offers important practice listening

The entire system is $51.96 and takes about seven 30-minute sessions to complete. 


*To assure adherence to guidelines of the American Psychological Association and the National Council on Measurement in Education, KTSS (the original Thinking Skills for Tests) was developed in consultation with members of those organizations' ethics committees.  KTSS was also shared with the publisher of the OLSAT®, the NNAT®, and the WPPSI® to ensure security of those assessments. In keeping with ethical guidelines, KTSS allows optimal performance without misrepresenting a child's ability.  


**Mind Benders® has received the Creative Child Preferred Choice Award, the Practical Homeschooling Logic Award, and the Cathy Duffy Top 100 Award.

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